Retro Game Console

It's easy as 1-2-3!
1. Unbox your console
We ship worldwide through DHL Express.
2. Plug disc in
TV, power, controller… boom, you’re done!
3. Enjoy your favorite games!
Enjoy the selected games that are classics for centuries.
✅ 50 consoles in 1
✅ English interface
✅ 50,000+ full games
✅ Play up to 4 players
✅ Save your games anytime

-With the Recalbox system, Support 26 Kinds of Languages

English, France, Italy, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Polish, and so on 26 kinds of language. y2y3y1
- Support many Simulators
40+ consoles in 1,pre-install 10000+ full games included ( Max supports 50000+ Retro Games)
对比图_副本 欧-1
- Up to 4 players

The device with 4 USB ports, supports up to 4 people to play at the same time. You can share a good time with family or friends.

- Add your own games by yourself through LAN. 26
- Safe Shutdown and Safe
Reset With security function, don't worry about sudden shutdown and damage to the device.

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