Plant Rooting Growing Box



Get a greater chance of growing a healthy new plant with the  Plant Rooting Box!

The GrowX™ Plant Rooting Box greatly helps inair layering propagationfor a healthy new plant growing. It promotes2x faster root growththan when cutting off stems and growing them on plastics so having thisreusable growing boxwill definitely help as many times as needed!


  • Grows Plant Quickly:
    Quickly grows new plants by generating new roots from your plant’s or tree’s stems with a lesser chance of rotting. 
  • Air Layering Propagation:
    Promotes a better new plant survival rate than when you cut off the stem and wait for the roots to grow.
  • Easy to Re-plant:
    Open the prepared rooting box to moving your plant easily!
  • Easy Steps:
  • Reusable Growing Box:
    After growing a ball of roots, you can reuse the growing box!


  • Materials: PVC
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 8cm x 8cm (Plant Stem Size: 7mm-12mm)

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