Gravity Defying Helicopter Ball


Have fun with this floating ball!  You can use it to toss and have it float back to you or you can play with friends and family.



1. Speed regulation, three gear speed adjustment, light year old speed increase and change.  

2. Infrared induction control, single handed induction can operate, interesting and fun.  

3. Easy to get started, just fling lightly, flying instantly.  

4. Hovering high altitude flight, inverted stop flying.  

5. Soft fuselage, safety against collision.  



1.Light and small, small diameter, texture, soft fuselage, anti-collision safety, infrared induction operation, suitable for children and beginners.  



Item name: Induction four axis aircraft  

Color: Red, Blue,Gold  

Materials: plastic, electronic components  

Fuselage battery: 3.7V 300mAh lithium polymer battery  

Remote control signal: infrared ray  

Charge time: 30 minutes.  

Play time: 5-8 minutes  

Product size: 11x11x6cm  

Product weight: 30.5g  


package contents  

  • 1xAircraft

  • 1xCharge cable





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