Glowing Racetrack



  • The Magic Rainbow Racetrack that Can Bend, Flex, And Glow!

    Create a wild raceway that glows in the dark. This unique Magic Rainbow Racetrack can snap and bend together for a custom race track that's loads of fun! Great for playtime, the Magic Rainbow Racetrack is the perfect toy that can be fun infinite times.Use different shapes and follow The Magic Rainbow Car to go around the tracks! 

  • Magic Trac_clip  

  • Size: 56 track

  •          1 car random color

  •          56 pcs with 1car

  •          80 pcs with 1car

  •          136 pcs with 2car  

  •          128 pcs with 1car(Tunnel)

  •          128 pcs with 1car(Viaduct)

  •          256 pcs with 1car(Tunnel and Viaduct)          

  •          150 pcs with 1car (Tunnel and Viaduct and Turntable)

  •          300 pcs with 2car (Tunnel and Viaduct and Turntable)

  • LED Car Color:Random Colors

Magic Trac_clip1  


  • 100% brand new & high quality

  • The track bend flex serpentine technology

  • Design as you race

  • The race track is glows in the dark

  • Led Car can Flashing

  • The track  Easy to carry It can be put in the travel pouch

  • If you buy more tracks, you can design more orbital shapes.






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