CVTech Thermo Jacket (Unisex)

$64.49 $128.99

Jackets are smaller than usual compared to US sizes please use the size chart for your size. You may refer to the sizing chart below for more information. If you're unsure, pick one size larger than your usual.

Introducing our new CV Tech Heated Jacket. Created to fight the coldest winters and rain! Built with 8 heated compartments and 3 heating settings. (Takes 3 minutes to heat.)

 Urban Tech's Smart Nanotech Heated Jacket -

Benefits & Features 

  • Heats fast (1 minute heat time) gets rid of cold and keeps you warm.
  • Compatible with portable power storage pocket (not included), easy travel.
  • Set the temperature you want to respond to a variety of environments.
  • A button to heating, three temperature options control, intelligent heating.
  • Fabric 20D nylon plus waterproof treatment..Do not wring it by hand.
  • General USB interface power supply, longer service life, anti-water splashing and washable.
  • Suitable for all cold or wet environments.
  • The core heating technology has reached the international CE, EMC, ROHS, IP certification, and all testing certificates are complete.

    How To Use

    1. Take out USB plug.
    2. Plug in portable charger (not included)
    3. Switch on the removable charger.
    4. Press the chest temperature control switch for two seconds.
    5. Red light flashing, means heating automatic.
    6. After red light flashes for 5 minutes, then automatic turn to white light, means medium temperature.
    7. Manual adjustment has three level, red light means high-temperature heating continuously.
    8. White light means medium heating continuously, blue light means low heating continuously.
    9. Press the chest temperature control switch for two second, lights out and stop heating.

      Temperature Options

      Temperature Shift(Manual adjustment)
      Warm: 45℃ (Red Light)
      Comfort: 35℃ (White Light)
      Energy Saving: 25℃ (Blue Light)


      Material: Polyester
      Color: Black, Red
      Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3X/4XL
      Power Supply Interface: USB
      Keep warm, water-proof + perfect for coldest winters.

        The World's First Nano-Tech Heated Jacket: Urban Tech by Urban Tech Apparel  — Kickstarter


        Make sure to remove the power bank from the vest, before washing. Hand wash the vest with a mild, neutral detergent and when finished allow your vest to air dry.

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