Brainlink Attention and Meditation Headset


Learn more about your brain!  Improve the attention of children! Relex yourself for fun after work! 

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BrainLink is a mobile brainwave sensing smart headset, with fun brain training apps, it can teach you how to meditate, focus your mind and relax yourself after a days tiring work. The lightweight wireless headset gently touches your forehead to sense your level of relaxation, focus and stress. Use it anywhere with your smart phone or tablet (iOS or Android devices) ,  over 100 brainwave powered apps available on App Store and Android Market. 

It uses neurosky TGAM technology(safe and reliable),  compatible with most neurosky brainwave apps on smart phones or tablet. 


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what can you do with Brainlink?

-Give kits with concentration, which is very important for their study

-Relex yourself after work and help sleep

-For pregnant woman with positive, relieve stress

-For meditator,  Yoga, meditation

-Play games with family

-For aged people, strengthen memory by training 


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How does it work?

1. Wear Brainlink properly on your head

2. Start by connecting brainlink to the app on your mobile device via bluetooth

3. Improve your brain performance by playing apps.

How can the headset  help you?

Wear the headset, then the headset can detect your brainwaves and collect data about your mental condition, such as attention and relaxation. You can also play brain powered games, by which you can train your brain as well as for fun!

More than 100 apps for brain training, including Mind Games, Meditation Training App, Focus Training App, etc

You can search "neurosky" or "brainlink" to get the apps on app store or android market!

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who needs the headset?

-Kids who have problems in attention and want to improve their study

-People who want to relax themselves after work

-Pregnant woman who want to relieve stress

-People who want to do Yoga and meditation

-Family that want to play games together

-Aged people who want to strengthen their memory

-Ordinary people who want to know more about their brain and train their mind while playing games.

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Specifications of the headset




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