6-11mm 20000pcs Water Ball Bullets


Each pack Contains 500 Dry Water ball! Crystal Bomb Is Super Absorbent Polymer, Safe and Nontoxic

Color: Transparent, blue,(Color random)

Model: diameter6-7/7-8/9-11mm

Dry water bomb bubble hair: pour out a little dry water bomb, put in a relatively large container, pour water bubble 4 hours, after 4 hours the container still has space and water, water bomb bubble hair complete, can be made with warm water bubble, do not use boiling water. (Part of the area or winter may be appropriate to extend the duration of water bubble)

Note: enough time, enough water. After a night of soaking, the water is gone, which means that there is less water. It is recommended to add more water to continue soaking, Dry water bomb should be kept in a cool and dry place, can not be frozen and exposed to the sun, do not damp, water quality and temperature and other different environments, preservation time is also different!

Different areas have different water quality, and if the tap water bubble is not large, it is recommended to use mineral water or pure blisters & nbsp;..

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